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​Purpose Driven Virtual Events


​Influence. Impact. Together.

A short story about ​YOU


​​The vision is simple: ​​using the power of ​​virtual events ​combined with collaborative influencer marketing, ​we help YOUR brand & message ​reach millions.

​We ​help you increase your social influence via email list building and hyper strategic, gamified social marketing.  

​By creating hyper engaging virtual events with YOU at the center to inform, entertain and ​ultimately transform the lives of your audience.

​Creating MASSIVE Reach & Engagement

​Your Unique




​​EPIC Audience


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​Touch To Expand

Brand & Message Consulting

​Your powerful event theme

​start to finish event planning

​promotional coordination

​influencer reach out

​promotion & coordination


​Share Triumph

Living In Full View

​The Gathering


What our ​CLIENTS say

​I had so much fun. It’s great that you are able to provide this opportunity to ​​increase my platform​ & engagement.

This ​team is an absolute pleasure to work with and ​absolutely knows exactly how to focus on what works.  ​ Can't wait for round two!

​Jessika Klide

​Bestselling Author

​I added more followers & subscribers in one month than I'd added in the past couple of years on my own! Very happy with the service and I'll continue investing in this great platform building program!

​Marissa Farrar

​Bestselling Author

​The team and crew are top-notch and have been amazing to work with. They know the industry, they know what works, and they always have my best interest at heart. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their brand.

​​S.B. Alexander

​Bestselling Author

​Frequently Asked


Touch To Expand

how does the event work?

​Themes & monitization

​start to finish event planning

​what influencers can I get?

​​Who are these influencers?

​promotion & coordination

​Launch Your Message & Brand

​Let us put you at the center of your own influencer driven virtual event ​so your message and brand can transform the lives of millions of people...



​Creating Purpose Driven Virtual Events

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